I am really happy and really sad that I missed the Type 59 G

Let's get to the obvious part first: really happy, because I didn't spend 83,40€ on some 1's and 0's.

Now for the part why I am sad. When I started playing WoT in 2012, I've gone through a list of all the tanks and the magical wonderland WoT was for me back then. When I saw the golden Type, I instantly knew that oneday I needed to get this, whatever it would have taken to get it. So I guess you can imagine the excitement and joy I had when I saw the golden Type 59. I was ready to pay for it. Today, I got online at point 6 and I even saw the elusive "1000" sitting there. Instantly jumped to the Premium Shop and pressed pay with PayPal. Got the first mail that WG recieved a payment from me and waited for my 25k gold. Then I realized that the site wasn't loading. My friend in the TS counting down the numbers. "760", "600", "only half left, you better hurry up now GamingDead". I was getting more and more nervous, slowly realising that the 25k Gold won't come in time (btw, they are still missing). As I watched the numbers fade, a dream died.

P.S.: Do you think there will be another sale of the T59G on the BM?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/bskrab/i_am_really_happy_and_really_sad_that_i_missed/

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