I came back to tanks and arty welcomes me with a one shot

So I have played like 2 or 3 games per week becouse my passion for tanks went down, but I still love the game overall, but there is one thing one tank class that keeps me away from playing tanks especially light tanks. Yes this are artys.

I came back after 2 weeks of no tanks and I was like…so its tank time again and I choose my TVP 50/51. I had a great match with a great team that made a push together (I had 1100 HP) and when I unloaded my clip and killed 2 tanks an arty shell hits me and one shots me, and I wasn't mad at all. I was like ok so i just wanted to run away and reload and just when i turned arty killed me, ok gj arty).

But in the next game i choose my lovely AMX 13 90. The begginig was strong with me spotting 8 tanks made some damage and spotting (on Ruinberg). And as soon as I turned after spoting in the middle while driving 64 km/h the arty just one shots me out of nowhere. This are the times i rage quit becouse it hasn't happend only once it happened atleast 50 times while i was driving light tanks at full speed. I don't know if i am unlucky or they are lucky but these is one thing that keeps me away from playing light tanks and normel tanks.

I really want the to nerf the arty somehow not like that that they would be useful but so it can not one shot tanks.

So after all those times i died to arty at driving at full speed now I can create a compilation of arty destroying my a** while driving 64 km/h.

Thanks for reading…leave a comment what you think.

Here have a cookie 🍪

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