I came back to this game after 3 years, and there’s a big new problem.

Ok, there's the thing. I came back to this game after 3 years and since I got 1 month of free prenium I try to advance my highest tier tanks : the rhm.-b.wt and recently the WTF pz. IV. I remember I had a great time with this line in general.

But when I was playing there was maybe 10-12 maps on xbox and I knew where to place myself and where to move in a bad situation. Now there are so many god damn maps, even after 2 weeks I discover a new map every day or I fall on spawning points I never saw. Somtimes it's a map that I know but the layout changed. So 85% of the games I don't know where to place myself, I can't touch anything, I get spotted and you know what come next with the WTF. Sometimes my team just destroy everything and I don't have the time to do anything or they adopt what I call the "rush B suka blyat" strategy (90% of the team go on one side, I can't follow bc I want to snipe, get flanked, die).

Am I the only on that think there are just too many maps for tanks that are so much map dependent? Even with my E75 I place myself in a bad spot sometimes and get rekt. I'm trying really hard to help my teams with my TD, but for now I loose 2/3 of the games and survive less than one out of four of them.

I don't think I am a bad player because when I find a good spot/strategy, I can usually do 2500-3500 damages in one game. Do you have any advice that could work on any maps? With the WTF I have the camo net, rammer, the gun laying drive, camo skills on my crew, only the vanilla canon (waiting to get the L/61 canon) and I know the strategy to go backward.

(Sorry if my english is bad, it's not my first language)

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