I feel like tank destroyers are useless on most maps…

Hello there. I started playing wot in early 2014, in patch 8.10. My favourite tank class were TDs. Back in the day on any map you could just leave the base and drive forwards a bit and get into a spot where you could support left and right flank, then TDs were very versitile and balanced while also being fun to play. With many map changes and HD reworks, most maps have become a corridor cluster*#@! and you can't snipe anymore. Nowadays this is how TD games go:
1. You go to the left flank and wait. Your team wins the flank and you don't get to shoot anything.
2. You go to the left flank and wait. Your team loses the left flank and you get to shoot someone 2, maybe 3 times max and then you get destroyed because there are probably no bushes there to hide behind and the place is riddled with hills or buildings so you have to expose yourself to shoot.

TL;DR Sniping in TDs is dead af unless you are playing on malinovka or prokhorovka thanks to wargaming's poor map designing.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/imdltj/i_feel_like_tank_destroyers_are_useless_on_most/

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