I found Moby Dick

So I had a game today on Campinovka where one player on our team had the new 122 TM. They camped base all game so I was pretty sure they hadn't managed to power grind through the marathon.

At the end of the game I did a quick check and while their stats weren't great what really surprised me was the amount of premiums they had.

I only counted the tier 8 premiums because frankly I don't have the sort of time required to go through all of them.

80 tier 8 premium tanks.

They had just shy of 50k games so this wasn't a special account, they had bought a vast majority of those tanks. That's thousands of dollars spent on just one tier of premium tanks.

Also there's a chance he may have some premium tanks that he hasn't played, those would not show up in his stats so it may well be more.

I think Wargaming should be doing something for this guy, like having his picture hung in Nicosia or something.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/ljac4s/i_found_moby_dick/

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