I have gotten non available premium tanks added to my garage while being away from the game for more than a year

Ok, i collected tanks in the past, played the game since 2012 and started collecting around 2015. Spent way too much money but nevermind that. I have never played WoT in long periods so id play for a few weeks and not touch it for a few months, as to why i only have 6,3k battles. Last I stopped playing was early 2018 for loss of interest and have not touched it since and started playing just a few days ago. Have like 160 tanks in my garage so wanted to sort it out a little, then i saw that i have an SU 85I sitting in my garage, a tank i recognized thanks to a video made by circon a few years ago, i had never bought it. I knew from that video that the SU 85I was too powerfull and got pulled from the store and never sold again.

At this point i had also noticed some other non available tanks in my garage i never bought,

KV-220-2, never had the oppertunity to buy before

LT-432, Only seen it in like 3 of my battles in the past days after over a year away, did not even know it was a premium now its in my garage.

Object 252U Defender. A tank i always wanted but missed to buy when it was released.

IS3A, a tank i could have bought it when it came but didnt because it was a joke back then and therefor had no interest in it.
(Im only 20 atm so i started collecting when i was 15-16 and had no job, i couldnt afford buying every tank i saw)

SU 130PM. Never seen this tank, ever.

Pz.Kpfw. S35 739 (f)

BT-7 artillary

T26E3 Eagle 7

AMX M4 mle. 49, I already have the liberté version and always bought the ''special'' paintschemes over the standard if available.

Light Mk. VIC, back in my garage after selling it basically as soon as you received one from wg

noone of these tank have any battles on them, no equipment, consumables, camo, just a 100% crew asigned to their respected tank and a preset shell loadout, thats it, like a new bought premium.

So here i am, shocked and confused looking for a answer. dont think ill get any by wargaming as their player support is a big yikes for me.

If any of you know why this could have happend or only a theory to how i would like to hear it. Thanks for reading im going to continue digging myself. First post i made so sorry if there is a lot of mistakes.
Also if anyone knows a good place to see when these tanks were last available to buy or knows themselves that would be helpfull.
(Playing on the EU server on PC)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/cxe8lm/i_have_gotten_non_available_premium_tanks_added/

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