I just snapped; this game has such a big problem

I'm not usually one to rant and rave and go berserk in the chat like a lot of people do in this game (or post about it on Reddit after), however I just met someone in-game who truly made me snap.

I still managed to curb my disgust of this person and avoided heavy insults, but I still let him have it.

I was in a Tier III / Tier IV game and I was in my SU-85B. A Matilda started camping near me and wasn't really doing much, but I paid no attention to it because I've had this happen in Tier VIII + games where the Meds camp with the TDs; it seems to be some sort-of weird camping meta right now. Also, this is Tier III/IV, so the guy could easily be a new player.

Anyway, there's this person in the MTLS premium light tank who was doing ok and had a couple of kills. Out of nowhere he starts cursing and cussing the person in the Matilda calling them all sorts of extremely nasty insults and shouting things like "die noob", "hope you burn", " f**** idiot, get cancer", you get the idea.

He stays there for the entire 15 minutes just hurling abuse at this guy like the Matilda player had just murdered his dog or something and I tried to tell him to calm down in a polite way and got met with abuse myself.

I then tried telling him that this is a damn Tier III game and there are new players at this tier, so wtf dude calm down. Nope, this guy gets worse "haha serves them right fckin idiots, I hope all the newbies die"…

Seriously? No wonder new people don't sign up to this game and no wonder it takes 2 minutes to find a match at anything under Tier VI.

Any new player who signs up is just going to be met with these vile seal-clubbers in their OP premiums and just quit. Why would they bother playing when they can't win and just get abuse hurled at them every 2 seconds?

The only enemy in this particular game who did anything was another seal-clubber in his FCM Pak30 (oh what a surprise it's another premium) who finished on 7 kills.

Either new players are going to think "fck this I need to buy one of those tanks", or the more likely option is that they think "fck this I'm not playing this trash".

I know WG is going to be rebalancing lower tiers in the "near" future, but with all these low-tier OP premiums that get dolled-out every year in the lootboxes and for rewards and stuff, I honestly don't know what good it will do, especially if some guy who has 11k battles can just hop in his MTLS/FCM Pak30/Sexton I, etc and just seal-club to his heart's content.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/edgymu/i_just_snapped_this_game_has_such_a_big_problem/

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