I know this has been said before (chat ban)

Hi guys, so there is a lot I get annoyed with in this game as am sure most of you do (consistent bad RNG, losing streaks, unbalanced premiums etc etc). Still it's a great game and very enjoyable, the learning curve means that only the player that knows every tanks armour and armament will excel the most.

But Jesus Christ fuck me I'm getting chat banned every 5 seconds, I'm a guy that will give positive feedback every game to people who do well, or I'll try to give the best advice to people in a friendly way how they could do better the next game. I'll even tell angry players on a loosing game that you can't win them all and better luck next game.

But still I'm watching my swearing and what I say and I'm still getting chat banned. Its so annoying when the game offers a swearword filter and the ability to turn chat off. I mean people mostly don't listen to my advice but still while it's their game their rules I just feel robbed of my freedom of speech.

I know the classic thing of making a "goodbye" post and the replies of nobody caring but honestly this is pushing me to my next big break from wot and I'll not play again till Xmas or something.

Sorry for the essay, just wanted to rant with an underlying point that chat might as well banned altogether if there's only a few select things you can say outside of the automated things

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/pgt0vs/i_know_this_has_been_said_before_chat_ban/

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