I need to rant about the state of some of these tanks and the game.

FV4005 – Arguably the worst tank I've ever bought. it's situational, in that the situation where you can use it, occurs once in every 50 games. Hesh might even be fun, but I wouldn't know, because I've not hit a target in the last 75079 times I fired the gun

AMB 50b – Pointless. In fact, all french heavies after tier 6 are pointless. Zero armor. Zero pen.

EBR still runs around like a douche. Again, why the fuck don't tanks (not arty) already 'pre-loaded' when the game starts. Nothing worse than an Ebr that goes brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and I cant do anything with it because im in a tank with a 40 sec reload. Fuck you ebr.

Bourassque or however the fuck you spell it. This is 100% cancer. And you know it'll never get nerfed. It's mental how game breaking this shit is. The fact you have 2 or 3 in every match should tell you something. Skoda Tier 8 prem is also worth a shout, OP as fuck.

The powercreep is mental. Just as much on premiums which are made more and more useless by another new batch pf premiums. The only ones I use now ar the S1 and Skorp. Take a look how many games have Char/Bouras/AE Phase spam now. When was the last time you saw in IS6, M46kr or T34 in a match? It's just OP premium saturation now.

I'm grinding this tier 9 premium, not because I want it, but it'll pain WG to have to hand it out for free.

After the latest round of recon maps, my lord I dont hold out much hope for anything decent to happen soon, they were all terrible.

Seriously though, fuck this game. I kow i'll get zero upvotes because 98% of this sub is WG circlejerk about it needs to be said.

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