I need your help with how to deal with people like these. They are preventing playerbase growth!

So I was just casually playing my Panther/M10 after restoring it by paying credits. Just trying to get 2 marks of excellence. In one match, I was in the center of the map zigzagging and stopping enemy push from east of the map. I called an ally T67 to cover me by double-bushing. Instead, he started running. After my tank was destroyed, I spectated and saw that he flipped on his side. He had three marks on his tank so I instantly knew that he was trying to squeeze out some more wn8. Therefore, I typed in all chat that he tried to get more damage instead of covering me and karma got him by flipping on his side.

After the match, I got a message, "RANGECOACH (10/4/2019 2:28:13 PM) you do know i am a one shot for most of that field. since i have a 56% win percent for 58,000+ games i bet i help win more than you do." He was full health in a tier 5-7 match. So I took a closer look at his profile. Long behold, he has 57,440 games. Out of that, he has 31,647 matches in T67 with a 58% winrate. 31 THOUSAND matches! 9,829 matches in M4A1. 3,750 matches in Cromwell. 1,492 battles in Locust. 1,342 battles in Hetzer, 771 battles on Luchs. In total that is 48,881 matches where he farmed noobs. 48 THOUSAND. I have played for 5 years and my most battles are in a Tortoise at 1100+ and a total of 20,000 matches. His highest tier is tier 7 after 57,440 games. All of his other tanks have below-average winrate, while his seal clubbing tanks are all above 50%

I am here to ask you for help. What can we do to at least one of these people as a start?

Since I absolutely hate seal clubbers, I went in on the chat to have a discussion. Here are the snips of his chat and his profile.

His Profile







Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/ddc814/i_need_your_help_with_how_to_deal_with_people/

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