I potentially “datamined” some of the M-V-Y tank stats by WG leaking the power levels in the video.


  • M-V's Protection power level: 120

  • Standard B's protection level: 115

So, the base armor is probably no more then like 30-80mm

For comparison Type 5 protection level is over 1100.


  • M-V is 421

  • T110E5 is 421

  • Chinese Tier 10 TD mobility is 420

For further comparison, EBR105 is 883.

So, the mobility is probably in the realm of 37-38km/h forward and 12-13km/h backwards. Considering also in the video moving on 1 track is 30% slower, the video was topping out at 25km/h before it ended. Which is basically 30% slower.

View range:

  • M-V is 684

  • My shitbarn with 437 VR is 686 and is obviously modified.

So, the view range is more then likely 390. Unless it literally is like 435-ish base VR. (Which is not likely)

Health is 2,200 as leaked in the video when they were showing off shooting tracks in the bottom left. With a crew of 4 as you can fit your USA heavy tank crews from E5 and T57 in the tank.

And these stats could more then likely change

Edit: Fire power I can only guess. But you can still see the fire power line bar/graph above protection. Just not the number, and the bar looks to be currently the same as T110E5 so there is a good chance it has E5 DPM or similar stats.

And remember this is a guess based upon WG's weird power level mechanics. But TBH they do seem rather reasonable guesses.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/povvck/i_potentially_datamined_some_of_the_mvy_tank/

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