I recorded XVM’s win chance for 100 battles, here’s the results

There is a disclaimer at the bottom, but the tl;dr is that XVM win percentage was used for this, and it’s not a strictly reliable source. That in mind, here are the basic results for anyone interested:

Average win chance: 50% (rounded to the nearest whole number)
Lowest win chance: 23%
Highest win chance: 74%
Those are probably the 3 most important ones, but I still have the physical copy of the data on-hand so if there’s a specific stat you want to know out of this, I can figure it out. These are just the 3 I thought people would be most interested in.

For those who haven’t ran an XVM before, essentially what it does is take each player’s number of battles, personal rating, and win% and compiles it to estimate which team has the highest chance of victory in a match. There are many many reasons this shouldn’t be trusted as 100% accurate, but here’s a couple:
It doesn’t account for which tanks are being used, including what tier the tanks are or if they’re P2W tanks (let’s be honest, it makes a difference), just personal stats
Even bad players can have a good game and Vice versa.

Also, I wasn’t strictly trying to prove nor disprove anything with this research. A lot of people claim that the MM is unfair, but I didn’t do this data collection with the intention of confirming that. I recorded the information mostly just for fun.
Also for reference my stats at the time of posting this are

Win%: 46.4%
Pr: 3,203

Finally, just to make sure I put it 100% plainly: this research is NOT considered to be a solid, totally accurate representation of MM. this is a project I did purely for fun )I enjoy simple statistics( and I’m sharing my results purely for fun.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/lq6gzz/i_recorded_xvms_win_chance_for_100_battles_heres/

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