I think Campaign Missions are Dumb

I’m not saying they’re HARD (though some are), and I’m only on the T 55A campaign, so basically I’m actually still doing some of the easier missions, but I just think there’s no reason an LT should have to DEAL 2,000 damage in a game + spot 1,800. (That’s just one example of problems I have, but I’m gonna focus on it)

It isn’t like there aren’t LTs that can do this, especially if you’re like a fucking artist with a Sheridan and it’s howitzer, but an LTs job is to spot, so sure the 1,800 spotting is pretty easy, but dealing 2,000 damage is dumb. Again, I’m not saying hard or impossible, just dumb.

It just feels like it forces you to play in a way which is less beneficial to your team, like if I wanna do 2,000 damage, odds are I can’t just spot the normal area where my TDs and Mediums can hit my target, because they’ll “steal” all my damage. I have to go somewhere to ping someone 8-10 shots without worrying about my teammates taking vital damage from me, which I feel subverts the support role that LTs are used for.

But, then again, I’ll admit that it does force you to play more aggressively and it might not strict. Be a “bad thing” to be forced out of your comfort zone

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