I think Kranvagn is more brutal than chieftain

I see Kranvagn's a lot, and playing in ranked these things are absolutely brutal

It's got a clip that can do 1320 damage in 5.5 seconds, with a 21 second reload to give it an amazing 3000 dpm, very mobile… 60 kmh an hour with a p/w ratio of 18. impenetrable turret that has 12 degrees of gun depression, 2 more degrees than the chieftain!

Seeing 3 of these things at every ridgeline in ranked, steamrolling other tanks because they can't be stopped…

It has cons, it's not as accurate as the chieftain (in a close ridgeline brawl I never seen this matter to much, still hits my m48's cupola) worse penetration (idk if this is really bad or not) worse viewrange, which is the only thing that I see as a true con, worse camo…unimportant, and worse hull armor (they're both still paper).

I think if you had multiple Kranvagn's in advances instead of chieftains you would kick ass, but I don't… Is there a reason why that I'm not seeing?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/mlb3ny/i_think_kranvagn_is_more_brutal_than_chieftain/

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