I thought extremely bad players were only at lower tiers

Seriously is tier 9 and 10 that big of a shitshow? Coming from an absolute noob who’s only tier 9 is the E-75…I’m stunned. Tier 10 heavies sniping, lights sui-scouting, arty being more cancerous than usual. I’m primarily a tier 5-7 player, and I legitimately thought that you couldn’t get worse teammates…boy was I wrong.

Had a game on Prok yesterday and all of the tier 10s were to afraid to peak over a hill to shoot at a TIGER II and a damn Defender. Meanwhile me in my E-75 and a teammate in a T30 are the only ones pushing, another Defender right behind us. The tier 10s did absolutely nothing. Didn’t push and barely shot. Had 3K damaged blocked before me and the Defender went down-the T30 had to fall back. We lost.

This is just a quick rant because in my dumb mind I believed that tiers 9-10 were the “shit gets real” tiers where people have more than half a brain. I thought I could escape bad teammates but I guess they’re everywhere.

TDLR: primarily tier 5-7 player and got E-75. Stunned at how bad tier 10 players are and believing that a bottom tier 8 heavy has more balls than a tier 10 Russian heavy.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/llkrly/i_thought_extremely_bad_players_were_only_at/

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