I tried playing arty once just to see if its really so OP and easy to get ranks in it..

Just to make it clear from the beginning, I’m not an arty sympathisant. Actually not even 5% of my WoT battles are fought in arty.

I heard so much flaming about arty being too easy in frontline so I just had to try it just for once. I’m a pretty decent player, without exaggerating i get General in 4 of 5 battles.

Now the fucked up thing: In this 1 Arty Round I was General before someone else was even Major. The amount of peoples Rounds you ruin is just disgusting. You can spam in every cap zone like its nothing and for 1 good hit u can rank up 1 full rank.

Honestly something must be done about arty in Frontline.

Most obviously Arty shouldn't be allowed to equip engineering.

It makes no sense that a tank that can decap so easily should be allowed to equip it.

Also 3 Combat Reserves are too much, 2 would be enough for the clicker class.

To take this even further, WG should add some more high Rocks or Buildings near the cap zones so arty can't just spam in there all the time. I'm not saying from the front but from the side, since arty can easily shoot over a whole flank.

Please don't downvote me to Hell, I hate “fighting” arty as much as most others here do

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