I unlocked Obj.279e and this is how i did it. Thru Alliance and Coalition.

So i unlocked 279e and wanted to share some information about what tanks i used and some tips on tricky missions (imo), for someone who dose not know some game mechanics (like me before doing this missions). I am not gonna comment on skill based missions like be top damage or be top kills.

TLDR: i used 6 orders to skip Union and Bloc from 4 from excalibur and 3 from chimera. Last missions Alliance – t28proto, Coalition – BC25t ap. Tanks i used for missions and some opinion on bloc/union missions.

You are left with 1 order to skip any mission. I do not count the Alliance-15 order because its pretty hard to get, 6.5k and win and get 5 kills.

So i went first for Alliance missions because they are by far the easiest set of missions imo, blocking missions are easy all you need is to grind the doom turtle line.

Alliance 12 (top block in battle) supposed to be the hardest one but it was pretty easy, T28 at 300+ meters away from enemy tanks in same tier matches, top tier is self explanatory (press W), bottom tier i found that its pretty much nothing you can do unless you found a dummy. I was going to do this mission with T95 just a lucky coincidence that i did it with T28 while grinding my way to doom turtle.

Alliance 3 kinda tricky one for me because i sold bulldog and had no other UK/USA lights, did it by tracking my opponents with pilot. Got 7-8 tracking kills in a game, was doing the reset until i got it and after that it was pretty bad 1-2 tracking kills per game. Not sure if its easier to do with lights cause USA lights are not meant to be great spotters and i would rather not go thru Shitycore line.

Alliance 8 / Coalition 4 people tend to think that crits = arty mission, its really not, used HESH on charioteer and HE on standardB, very easy mission after you stop trying to do it with arty ( STOP PLAYING ARTY ).

Coalition 8 (patrol duty medal) TLDR: i did it with ebr105, 1 vs 29 mission.

Not only you need to enable you allies to deal damage on 6 different vehicle but you need get 2 secondary conditions as well, spot at least 6 tanks and be the only one who is providing vision on the tank that is being damaged. Extra plus condition, if there is more then 1 LT in the game, if you both do the 3 conditions the one who gets the medal is highest XP.

There are 2 opinions here, cause my mate did it with low tier bc12t and said that he got it pretty easily. I did not get it easy for me it was really hard mission and i almost mental broke when i did it and realized that i had it on pause so the second patrol duty award did not count.

My method was get a proho, malinovka or murovanka, get patrol duty then pause the mission and keep playing until the next map rotation. Why? tin foil hat theory, i think that in every single map rotation in wot there is a big open map, always. So i wait untill the next map rotation and when i see that i am getting different maps (usually after 1-2 hours) i take out my ebr.

For last missions i used this page https://es.wot-life.com/eu/serverstats/ (you could use any other stat related page), you can choose the nation and tier and order it up by "XP". So the lower the average experience, the more likely it is that ace tanker or 1st class will require less experience. If you want to check BC25t ap it is pretty much a joke as far as average xp, i did coalition 15 in 5 battles, you need 4-5k combined for first class. So its pretty neat tool if you are searching for those easy to ace tanks maybe for an extra order.

Took me more or less 2 weeks.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/drgzqd/i_unlocked_obj279e_and_this_is_how_i_did_it_thru/

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