I wish arty could only face its own tier+

With the new changes to arty I'm very worried an issue I have with them will only get worse, it really sucks driving a tier 8 and getting dick slapped by a tier 10 arty.

the re addition of AP and the addition of extra damage no stun HE is only going to make this worse IMO. it isn't great getting hit by a CGC when your driving along in your tier 8 heavy and get slapped for a ton of hit points and lose your tracks and get stunned, at least a tier 8 doesn't do as much damage

just feels like it would benefit most people if they made it their own tier + so a tier 8 could fight tier 8 and above, but never tier 7.

arty get more hit points to use their amazing skills to click, and people driving tier 8's don't need to worry about tier 10 Arty's.

what are people's thoughts on this? would it make it more tolerable or just cause a new issue?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/ma62x5/i_wish_arty_could_only_face_its_own_tier/

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