Idea for WoT garage UI: Customizable tank groups (a minor quality of life improvement)

Hello! Please let me know if this has been suggested already in which case I will just remove this post.

WoT has a lot of tanks. Methods of filtering the tank carousel help a lot with finding the right tanks to play. However, I think there's one important feature missing: customizable groups. You know, groups to which you could save all the tanks you're going to be playing with.

For example, I play with a friend (a new player) quite often. He only has a handful of tanks and I only have a little over a dozen tanks to match his selection. However, they are of different tiers, and classes, some premium etc. I have to manage the filters every time I want to find the exact tank to match what he wants to play. I wish I could just create a custom group with all the tanks that fit my friend's selection so that whenever we platoon together, I can just apply that custom "friend A" filter and have all the relevant tanks there.

Here's a visualization of how that could work:


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