Idea for WoT to make more ways to play different tanks

My idea is to give players 5 equipment slots (only 6-10 tiers) so they can combine more equipment and play what they want, so for example you have a light tank, you have optics, Vstab and rammer, but you also want binoculars because you need more view so you must drop something. Also you can experiment with new equipment and add some extra spotting equipment into 5th slot and have all you want, and you can play as a good light with nice bonuses and don't need to drop Vstab or rammer

Also the new equipment like turbo or new spotting equip. will be used by more players because now all still use rammer, vents, vstab and in some extra situations (autoloaders where you can't have rammer ect.) you wouldn't use it.

Also nerf a bit some equipment's bonuses because the tanks will be more powerful and battles will be shorter again. Not big nerfs just a bit like rammer from -10% to -8% ect.

I think this can make the game better and there won't be players that use camo net on meds so they won't have rammer for example, but now they can have both.

Tell me your opinions in comments.


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