I’m curious what do WOT veterans think about arty?

Hey guys, to start off I am a new player coming from WOWS so I am mainly comparing those two games.

In WOWS the CVs are similar to Artys as they just afk in base spam and planes. The planes can heal mid flight and the CV pretty much never runs out of planes no matter how much you shoot down. So it’s pretty much a farming simulator for them. When in a match against a CV you are basically useless and you just hope the planes don’t drop on you. I thought they are the definition of cancer as they perma spot and can do massive damage on your ship with you having no counterplay against them.. pretty much negates all skill between the players.

This was until I got into WOT and met Arty players. I am a new player with barely 300 games so I don’t know if me being frustrated of being one or two tapped by Arty is because I’m still “new” and I don’t know how to counterplay them but there seems to be nothing you can do. I’ve never prayed in other games to not get put against a certain class before in my life LUL. It seems like no matter what you do or generally on most maps how you position if you play a heavy or a medium you just get farmed to death.

In WOWS you can atleast see the planes coming at you so you can take action or atleast mentally prepare to get fucked but in WOT.. this shit is instant. It’s like what’s the point of having a boyfriend if Artys fuck you all the time type of situation.

They basically negate everything I consider fun in the game.. that being 1v1ing, flanking, taking more strategic grounds. Sometimes I get wedged into really good positions where I’m holding off 3 other tanks by myself waiting for my team to flank and kill them all and then out of nowhere getting 1 tapped by 2 Artys.. and all the fun is just thrown out the window

I just wonder what is your opinion on them and is there anything you can do against them. CV in WOWS is considered by everyone a cancer to the game and this shit is much much worse.. like on a whole new level. I also wonder what newcomers think, am I the only one having unfun experience just cuz WG decided Artys are a blast to play against.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/lq3gmr/im_curious_what_do_wot_veterans_think_about_arty/

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