I’m going to compare the Homefront event with an event from a gacha game

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The gacha game I'm going to use is Fate/Grand Order with the Rashomon event)

I'm going to add that I didn't play homefront, after reading the article on the website and watching DesGamez's video I realize that I could not be bothered to reinstall the game for that.

Also, english is not my first language so sorry in advance.

What is Fate/Grand Order

Fate/Grand Order is a 'gacha game' meaning you roll a gacha using either free or paid currency called 'saint quartz' to get servants and equipments called Craft Essences (CEs), there are others gacha but I'm not going to detailed them.

The player use those servants and CEs to progress in the game by completing missions, each mission require a certain amount of action point. Those action point replenish at a rate of 1 every 5 minutes but they can also be refill using apples (found with missions and daily login) or by using saint quartz.

NB : a player doing his weekly mission can gain a total of 2 saint quartz per week, he will also gain saint quartz through daily login

The Rashomon event

This event introduce a new type of action point called battle point (BP). The player use those BPs to access the event's missions.

In those mission the player gets two things :

  1. event currencies
  2. Damage Points for a ladder point

There several level of difficulty for each mission with the main diffrence being the number of hitpoint the boss has ( 300,000 – 6,000,000). Each mission has a differente cost in BP : 1, 2, or 3 and 1 BPs is regenerate after 1 our.

By doing daily mission tied to event or climbing up the ladder the player will get event consumables to replensih those BPs, saint quartz can also be used.

While the hardest difficulty seems like a lot, a F2P player can take down that mission with the right servants and CEs

The Homefront event

In this new game mode you use fuel to access either the easter or the western front. by dealing damage to the enemy you are increasing your division level.

Clearing waves grant you progression points. those points grant you various rewards, as well as some fuel.

With enought damage dealt and point gain you can unlock special equipment.

You get 2 fuel per day plus 2 fuel for reaching level 2 with your division and 4 fuel for reaching level 3. You also get fuel by completing daily mission.

Homefront vs Rashamon : why Homefront is bad civilization

Now let's compare the two event. We use BP/Fuel to access the event's missions.

Completing the mission grant point to a ladder point/front point(?) to gain access to various reward including :

  • CEs, consumable for BPs (19 consumables for a total of 56BP gain), element to improve the servant for rashomon
  • camo, fuel( 36 in total), equipment, directive for homefront

we have two similar style of mission (dealing as much damage as possible) with similar syle of reward (points to gain useful stuff)

The main diffrence lie in the the way you gain back BP/Fuel. In Homefront once you have maxed out all your division and done all your daily quest you must wait the next day before playing the game mode again. You are limited in the number of time you can play the event, unless you are ready to spent money to get some more fuel. and as shown in this post it's not doable to be a F2P player and expecting to finish the event.

In Fate/Grand Order you are guaranteed to gain back 1 BP after an hour of waiting (so 3 hour to wait before attempting the hardest mission again), as long as the player is ready to either wait/use the consumable/spent saint quartz he can play the vent as long as he want. And as I said before a f2p player can take on the hardest mission with good preparation.

So that's the problem : The lack of reasonable 'passive refuelling' in homefront which mean that either wargaming didn't think through their game mode long enought to be viable for f2p player or it's just another attempt at a cash grab. Add the fact that some gacha mobile game have introduce this kind of system before make me think it's just a cash grab

TL;DR the lack reasonable way to gain back fuel in Homefront while gacha game doest it make Homefront a bad civilization, don't waste your time/money on this

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