I’m quitting WOT (I hope)

I created this post to make a diary of my goal (I don't know why y should actually read this!?)

I've started playing WOT after quitting its little brother aka WOT blitz, in sum I've spent about 5 years of my life on WG products

I've abandon blitz while the 2019 Christmas event was going on after I've realized the fact that it's actually a big money-grabbing event in disguise, but my reason for quitting WOT isn't similar. I've nothing against the game, at least nothing enough to motivate my quit. It's just that recently I've realized that I'm wasting my life in little chunks with my gaming habit which has a bad influence on other aspects of my life.

and out of all the games that I've played so far, WOT is the most addictive for me (and believe me I've stopped playing world of warcraft at some point) I like tanks ever since I was a kid and this lingering affection is making this hard for me.

So in the hope to be successful I intend to go cold-turkey. I'll comment if I relapse(I hope that doesn't happen).

btw I'm quitting the day before the last stage of steel hunter starts while lacking only 2 tokens to get AE Phase 1, I hope it'll be all the more reason for me to never get back to this game (actually gaming in general as this is the last one that I've still spend time on after quitting others)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/jubyb0/im_quitting_wot_i_hope/

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