Improved Hardening on Heavy Tanks: what’s your opinion?

Hello there!

I'm making this post to see what's the general opinion on this piece of equipment, as for the most part it seemed to me ignored by guides, streamers and players alike. Mind this is my impression, and that's why I'm here, to see if i'm right or totally wrong.

Since day one on my heavy tanks I've been using mostly rammer, vent and stab, but recently I've seen replays with tanks sporting sporting more HP than normal, and incredibly fast track repair times, and the only equipment that can justify this is the Imp Hardening.

What does this equipment do? Beside the aforementioned +10 HP bonus, it increase track HP 65%, track repairs by 20%, which adds to the crew skill and large repairs kit, and every time you repair you track from broken (tracked) you restore it at full health.

This translated to a defender means it has 363 track hp instead of 280, and from my small amount of testing seemed that no tanks managed to track me with just ones shot, arty shot me and couldn't track me, i was side scraping people were hitting my tracks causing a crit but without stopping me, causing more efficent trades.

For the argument of the loss of vents, being alive for longer allowed me to pump more damage into opponents, and that most of the times offset the dpm/precision loss.

Now for the comunity, what's your opinion on this piece of equipment? It's trash? It's usable? It's good? It's good only for noobs? It's a pay to lose item? Let me know



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