Improved Ventilation vs. Vertical Stabilizer

Which one of these equipment pieces do you use on medium tanks? Namely, I have a T-54 (Amazing tank, by the way) and I use Gun Rammer, Coated Optics and I'm not sure what to mount in the third slot, as the title suggests, so I use Toolbox. When paired with 'repairs' and 'Brothers in Arms' skills, it's quite effective. Meanwhile, the tank has meh gun handling, even though I have both 'Snap Shot' and 'Smooth Ride' trained to the fullest.

So I was thinking what to improve the gun handling with: Ventilation gives a nice bonus to accuracy, aim time and even DPM, but doesn't increase the handling on the move all that much. On the other hand, Vertical Stabilizer boosts it, but leaves all the other stats the way they are…

Hopefully you can help me decide. Don't be afraid to use your own experiences as examples. That'd be very appreciated.

Also, I'm thinking about keeping T-54. Is that a good idea?


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