Improving trade-in offers

This trade-in event is a bit underwhelming. Partly because nothing new has been added to buy, but also because there are 2 things that they could change thay could really tempt me to spend gold more than I currently am.

  1. Expand trade option to lower tiers (at least tier 5). You know what premiums in my garage I truly dont give a shit about? Cheap lower/middle tiers I bought to crew train way back when i started and whose lines are now done. Sure, their half gold value would be a pittance if I uptier, but a discount is a discount.

  2. Change the "same tier or higher" requirement. Gold values of tanks vary greatly between classes, enough that there is overlap between tiers. If I trade in a tier 8, but the tier 7 I want still requires spending some fresh gold….let me do that. I get a new premium and WG gets me to spend gold. Win/win, no?

Anyway, that was my TEDx talk.


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