In case of dire hate and frustration: leave

I think I'm beginning to be fed up with all the constant whining and toxic flow about Arties (don't see why, they're the less powerful tanks) , EBR (I hate them), Gold Spammers (I wish horrid death to them), OP premium tanks (I'm the first to rage).
At the end of the day: IT'S A FREE TO PLAY GAME !

YOU choose to play in THAT game YOU don't own and that YOU don't have to pay a thing for.

YOU choose to pay for the Premium (some you can win) vehicles.
YOU can buy Gold rounds and choose to use them without trying to learn the weak spots of enemy tanks.
YOU choose to be toxic, bothering other players, or be helpful and contribute to a nice game.

YOU choose to be bothered and angered by a Free-to-Play game and pixels evolving on a screen.

Don't mistake vehicles for the players behind them.

Does Being toxic on DM or the chat alleviate your anger or your frustration ? Really ?

Please, enjoy the effing game and endure the o so awful pain for the 8 – 10 minutes you have to play against EBR (Ho god, I hope every EBR user will catch the Plague), Arties stunning you every 30 – 40 seconds or gold-spamming Pay-to-Win premium OP tank users of hell. Work to make the game a nice experience and focus on the good parts.

Do whatever you want, but I myself felt good when I helped an overturned enemy tank get back on its tracks. We then parted our way and I did it because I got NOTHING to lose being fair player. I don't want a medal, I was just giving an example.


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