Increase Arty Tracer Visibility in Top Down View

Many People Complain that Arty is way to passive to play and the only real counter is to hug a wall or have a wheelie go shoot them. And IMO its true. Also I read people saying arty takes no skill to play (which I partially disagree with, as experience regarding positioning, leading and map awareness do increase effectivity) I was thinking how to make arty a more active class that rewards skill a bit more but also gives a early game counter to arty: other arty.

When I was playing WoT a few years ago in my gw panther (when it still was t6) i remember that there was a metagame of arty hunting enemy arty tracers to counter them, bringing some dynamic to arty gameplay. Today that is kinda lost imo. Sure you can still see a shell being fired, but depending on the ground type it can be really hard to spot it accurately. Increasing the visibilty of arty shells/ adding a faint tracer to it would allow it to counterfire enemy arty with more precision, forcing arty to relocate after every shot and creating a cat and mouse game between arties on both side. This would also force arty to think if they want to fire on enemy heavies/mediums etc or at the enemy arty. This should take some arty pressure away from other players while also allowing skilled arty players with map knowledge influence a game more by removing enemy arty and giving there team a movement advantaged which is denied to the enemy.

Tl;dr: Arty tracers should be more visible to allow counter arty fire with better precision.


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