Instant solution to OP EBR and Wheelies issue is simple. Remove the ludicrous ‘auto-aim’ function!

I don’t think I’ve seen this suggested before but the wheeled tanks ability to decimate an opposing side with just a few well executed pushes is becoming infuriating and bloody frustrating. Many have suggested they need better damage models to impede their crazy speed but what about turning off their auto-aim?
It’s one thing they can make it to your teams SPGs and even destroy them, but in the meantime they can put shots on almost any target at will and at top speed too.
So we have to concede that wheelies can still penetrate deep into an enemy team’s territory spotting everything as a result, but imagine if that’s all they could do while driving at top speed.
With the new damage modelling reducing that top speed too would make for substantially less wheelie raids where they get away with little to no damage, an SPG kill and 2500 spotting damage!
C’mon WG, you know it makes sense!


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