Interesting response after beating hard mode on Mirny with a couple of randoms!

Had a great game tonight with a couple of clan mates and two randoms.
Managed to beat the Immortal on hard mode o/

We were losing another clanmate (since were five originally) so decided to call it there, and do our random missions.

Sent this to the two random players:
"Well played mate. We're calling it there for tonight I think. Thanks for your help!"

Got this back from one:
"Je ne parle pas anglais de ce fait j'en n'ai rien foutre de ce que tu dis. Tu peux bien aller te faire foutre alors, car si tu m'envoye un message c'est que tu rages et que tu ne sais pas jouer. (un kikou de plus a bloqueé)"

Which Google Translate tells me:
" I don't speak English so I don't give a fuck what you say. You can go fuck yourself then, because if you send me a message it's because you're angry and you don't know how to play. (one more kikou blocked)"

I obviously sent him back the original message, translated, followed by calling him a c**t.

Good old WoT eh?


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