Is grinding all the way to tier X worth it?

I'm a relatively new player and I've been hearing a lot of stories about how broken tier X matchmaking is. All those Reward tanks being overpowered as hell and every game being dominated by them.

That got me thinking, should I grind all the way to tier X? I'm on tier VIII currently and it's a lot more fun at this stage. Sure, there are a lot of overpowered tanks here as well, but I think there's more variety as to how each game plays out. Playing on tier VIII is also a lot less expensive than on tier X usually. And finally, we got Frontline battles, which are super cool.

Meanwhile besides maybe clan rewards you get no other benefits by playing tier X tanks (Correct me if I'm wrong).

So all and all, why should I grind for a tank that I can't even afford to purchase, let alone play with consistently? And even if I do, what's the whole point if it isn't even fun?


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