Is it just me or does WOT matchmaker seem to be worst in all of video games?

I have a feeling I am beating a dead horse but I want to get my hits in too.

I have been playing WOT since open beta and the MM has always been pretty bad. The first few years were really rough, such as one side having twice as many heavy tanks as the other. Or the good old days when tier 5 would meet a tier 9. WG has slowly improved the MM, it's still bad compared to other games. I was happy to just play even if my win-loss record is shit. But I feel in the last few months it has just been on another level of bad.

When I play ten games, nine of those games aren't even close. One side wipes out the other only losing 0-5 tanks. The 10th game tends to be closer but the winning team will still have 4-8 tanks left over at the end. I just played 10 games in my Object 430U and lost 10 games in a row. That is unreal and really upsetting. Statically that just shouldn't happen. Even if I suck (I will admit I am not that great) my team should at least carry me to one win. Why is it so hard for WG to come up with a good MM formal to give players a good experience? I don't need or want to win all my games but can't I just win like 45%?

I am just unlucky / really shitty at this game or do other people agree with me that there is something wrong with the MM algorithm in WOT?


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