Is it just me or is the game in an okay-ish state right now?

Im having a ton of fun atm, playing my trusted old super pershing, playing a couple medium tanks and trying to 3 mark the t69. I remember getting pretty salty a few months ago.

Ive come to terms with the fact that wot isnt f2p but rather subscribtion based. 10 bucks a month is simply what the game costs in my opinion.

So yeah, especially right now with the Christmas event going on, getting an extra 40% credits makes the game affordable? You can actually fire a few premium rounds strategically without going in the red.

And in regards to overpowered tanks. I honestly lost the touch for it. While facing off defenders is definitely still annoying, most premium tanks I see around are progettos and tank destroyers and the occasional German premium heavy. So nothing I feel I cant deal with.
When looking at the enemy tanks, all I see are boxes with guns that are armored differently at different spots.

Do you guys think similarly? Are you enjoying Wot atm?


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