Is skill based matchmaking possible or even desirable?

Many people see the solution to one-sided games in skill based mm. The problem is that if we use WN8, the WTR rating or winrate as attributes to match up people with roughly the same skills, with enough games these statistics are going to flatten out and everybody will have the same rating. (If two teams full of unicums fight, there will be more WN8 to lose than to be won, and the other way around with weak players; winrate is going to be ~49% for everyone). So the question is, would it be possible to introduce an Elo rating system, similar to the one chess uses for example?

an Elo rating system would make it possible to implement skill based mm while still allowing to identify more skilled and less skilled players. If you farm a player with a lower Elo than yours, you would gain few Elo points, and if you outplay a high rated player you gain a lot of points. (Feel free to look up further explanations of this system because I couldn't do it justice).

This would have the additional benefit of decreasing smurfing or "stat padding" at lower tiers, as beating much lower rated players would not raise you rating.

Do you guys see skill based mm making games more predictable as a good thing? Because I personally fear that it would limit the variety that the games has at the moment.


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