Is T-54 mod. 1 worth it?

Guys, I've been thinking a lot about this tank. I'm thinking about claiming it from the referral account I've managed to grind but I kinda think that this tank is not that good. Can anyone share some opinions about this tank, it's pros and cons etc. so that you can help me decide of whether I should claim this tank or not, I would very much appreciate that 🙂
P.S. Sorry for my english if it's not good :/

Edit: Wow guys, I didn't even expect this much people to give me their opinions. Even though the experiences are kinda divided, I decided not to take that tank and to go for the Panther 88, M4A1 Rev and the 112, and to buy Liberté for bonds I will earn from all these referrals. One more time, thanks for your comments, you helped me to make my own decision based on your opinions which I really needed because I'm not that much new to the game, I have around 5k battles and you can add me if you want so that we can play in the future. My nick is NgMgGg on the EU server.


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