Is the Jackson trash?

So i decided to play with american ATs and its been painful especially with the M10 at tier V that thing just doesn't have enough damage, like 100hp per shot and most of time they just ricochet when shooting tanks like KV1 or some germans, it has poor armor and also low hp. At least its kinda fast and has nice fire rate but its just not good overall.
The Jackson it's pretty much of the same, it feels like a slight better version of the M10 (which i think actually is irl) but it has the same problems and even worse because now you are getting into lobbies with tier VIII like the tiger 2, it still has poor armor and low hp and most of the time you are getting destroyed with just one or two shots from those tanks and you still can't do any to them and when you actually do damage its just not enough to win the fight. On top of that i think it requires a lot of xp to upgrade and it's getting really boring

So yeah i think it's just not good, low armor, low hp, does low damage.


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