Is there a central repository of game lore? (Mirny-13 etc.)

For example, what information do we have on special commanders, things like Mirny-13 and the Last WT, event characters, etc.

For Mirny, so far we know that:

-Mirium is some sort of element not related to those on the periodic table
-It appears as a dust or liquid the approximate color of black light, and may spark or glow
-It is not metal, but reacts to strong electromagnetic fields
-It seems to expand to take up available space, but not so aggressively, until…
-It gets set off by some major external stimulus such as a nuclear explosion (or exposure to radiation? Or something) and enters an aggressive phase
-In this state it seems to be controlled by some sort of distance-spanning centralized intelligence and rapidly multiplies, appearing to form solid spikes in this state; supposedly it "wants to go home" and is capable of affecting minds to accomplish this; this may or may not be related to its ability to cause severe electrical and electromagnetic interference
-At high concentrations in an aggressive phase, it appears capable of warping reality, including time of day and temperature, which may be experienced differently by different individuals, as well as space (otherwise why would a team seeking to leave its territory need to open portals instead of just going back the way they came?)
-Its space-warping powers are, however, most clearly seen in its effects on terrain, which can be fractured to the point of roads and parts of the land levitating in mid-air, sometimes glued together by some sort of mirium-oil film which does not appear as though it should be solid
-Within its territory, enemies manifest in the form of tanks with glowing red lamps (similar to those used for night-fighting equipment); most are hostile (one type taking the form of a tracked sea mine which attacks by ramming), others run; they seem to be made of mirium dust, forming when certain conditions are triggered and disentegrating once killed, leaving behind mirium and sometimes added effects. Some seem tied to an area and form when that area is approached, others form at a distance and move to engage humans in other areas
-"Guard" packs sometimes have an "apha" tank which seems to command them and boost their abilities; not only are they more powerful but they also have some special glow effect. Thus, it can be assumed that mirium beings have at least some sort of rudimentary organization, communication, and command structure, and are at least theoretically distinct consciousnesses, even if they do have some degree of hivemind
-There is also, of course, the "immortal" tank which cannot be damaged by any means and radiates an energy field that burns away mirium – or, if you don't have any left, melts armor

This leaves multiple unanswered questions such as:

-What are the "mirium tanks"? How intelligent are they? How do they communicate? How did they come to exist? Are they extensions of the mirium's "intelligence" or are they interlopers of some other sort? Given that the mirium's "intelligence" seems to want you to take mirium, gained by destroying those tanks, and teleport it "home" somehow, it's an interesting question
-Where even is "home"? The original hole in the ground that was exposed near Azr… however you spell it? Another dimension entirely?
-What is The Immortal? Is it the "general" of the mirium tanks?
-What does filling the Magnus actually do? Comments from mission control indicate that you both are and aren't in a different dimension, and that filling the magnus both does and doesn't put you in a different one.

Is there a place where information and question such as this, about Mirny-13 and other facets of lore, have been/can be collected centrally?


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