Is WoT scripted?

I know it sounds weird, but let me explain quickly my point.

The Sturmtiger event started today. I won my first few games, they were reasonably one-sided, something like 10-2 or 10-3.

But then I lost all of the games I played… Is this something like "the new players need to get a good first impression"? What I want to say is that I can imagine this is like when you play your first few battles, the RNG favours you, and after you won a variable number of games, it goes off, and it is the same for your teammates. I can experience it in Random Battles as well…

And another proof that proves it can be true is I can remember when I started playing, it was pretty rare that I was bottom tier (in tier 4-7)… And when I start playing low and medium tiers now, that I have more than a thousand games, I'm nearly always bottom tier. So it can be because they are new players, so the game favours them, and when you a bit more experienced (not a pro, just an average or a bit below the average player), it starts going against you?

Discuss it, I really want to hear others opinion. This is just how I can imagine it works, for me it is so conspicuous that there is something like that. Btw sorry, English is not my native language, I hope it is still understandable.

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  • Badger 23.12.2020 in 22:53

    WOT has 25% RNG on Spotting, Penetration, Accuracy and Damage. You know the Stuff that doesn’t matter in a shooting game.

    Accuracy numbers on guns are just placard numbers they don’t really matter.
    All Sigma related some tanks have a different Sigma ratings than other. (ie A certain Biased nation’s tanks have gun numbers that are astronomical.. but yet seem to hit on snap shots and movement more than fully aimed low dispersion guns.

    Crew skills really mean nothing especially with 25% RNG
    WOT used to be a good game back when the won their Joystick awards but that went to their heads.
    Now they only do updates to make their game look prettier, bring in for purchase tanks that are far higher on everything than grind-ed vehicles on their tech trees.
    So many bots in game now as well . Their bots are getting better all the time

    The game developers came out and said the game is completely Scripted. So your question is well answered by their castrated staff.
    Yes it’s a scripted game. As soon as your team starts losing good luck turning it around. Game is over spend repair costs start another game.

    The game is Nothing more than a Joke in the industry now

  • Sam 25.05.2021 in 16:54

    yes i think you have the point, there is something wrong with this game. I’ve been playing for several years now, only free to play, never bought anything, but I don’t want to talk about the marketing policies of wargaming like surprisingly good premium tanks or the amazing benefits of premium ammunition or all those things that seem to be made for push you to spend money on the game, all this is there for all to see, I’m talking about the so-called RNG. I want to tell you about my experience, despite playing for several years I am an average player and I often stop playing because the game becomes too frustrating and anger only worsens my performance in a vicious circle, sometimes I stop for a few weeks sometimes months. But I am always impressed with my performance in the first hours of play when I resume playing, even if after long periods of inactivity I want to say that my best results are always in these moments.
    Looking at these results makes you want to play more but after a few hours, the performances drop dramatically and so for the following days, I barely manage to hit a few hits.
    Intuitively, one would think that the more a player plays and experiences the better the results will be but this is not the case. What makes all this difference? I think the answer is “RNG”, this has come to my eyes many times. Many of the things that most influence a battle are so deeply influenced by RNG for example penetrations that in addition to depending on their RNG component they depend on where the hit will land that god only knows what it’s determined by (saw a nice Claus Kellerman video about this) or the damage blocked same speech but in reverse.
    I can take as an example what I still have fresh in my memory, yesterday I played a couple of hours for the first time in two weeks and had some incredible results (for me) 3 games of 3000 damage with the American T29 including a battle of 3500 damage (I think my second or third best match) I have watched the replays of this one in particular and it’s amazing how in these matches every shot lands exactly where it needs to land with devastating accuracy I mean I managed to penetrate the turret of a KV3 head-on three times in a row using only standard ammunition, practically impossible, without counting all the lucky shots I bounced, and today after 2 hours of play without exceeding 800 damage so much bad luck and so much anger here I am writing, I stopped after having saw a battle where always with the American T29 I fired 15 shots fully aimed without any of these hitting or penetrating only shots on the ground or bounce where it should have penetrated, I mean if half of these had hit it would have guaranteed me more than 2000 damage and instead this is how much the “RNG” can affect, this is the difference between a good result and anger and frustration but maybe that’s what they want, an incredibly punishing game to push you to buy anyway I am as impressed as you are by the timing accuracy with which the RNG begins to “beat” you after the first few hours of play.

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