Is WoT scripted?

I know it sounds weird, but let me explain quickly my point.

The Sturmtiger event started today. I won my first few games, they were reasonably one-sided, something like 10-2 or 10-3.

But then I lost all of the games I played… Is this something like "the new players need to get a good first impression"? What I want to say is that I can imagine this is like when you play your first few battles, the RNG favours you, and after you won a variable number of games, it goes off, and it is the same for your teammates. I can experience it in Random Battles as well…

And another proof that proves it can be true is I can remember when I started playing, it was pretty rare that I was bottom tier (in tier 4-7)… And when I start playing low and medium tiers now, that I have more than a thousand games, I'm nearly always bottom tier. So it can be because they are new players, so the game favours them, and when you a bit more experienced (not a pro, just an average or a bit below the average player), it starts going against you?

Discuss it, I really want to hear others opinion. This is just how I can imagine it works, for me it is so conspicuous that there is something like that. Btw sorry, English is not my native language, I hope it is still understandable.

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