Italian heavy tanks, real or pure fantasy?

In the video it is said that this vehicles are taken from projects that were drawn up post war, so let’s discover if this is pure Wargaming fantasy work or it has some base to it.
So the new Italian tanks will be:
Tier 7: Carro d’assalto P.88
Tier 8: progetto CC55 Mod. 54
Tier 8 premium: Progetto C45 Mod. 71
Tier 9: Progetto C50
Tier 10: Rinoceronte

When I say that there are no projects nor vehicles with such names or characteristics, I mean that nor online, nor on my vast collection of books about Italian war vehicles there are any mention about it.

-Carro d’assalto P.88:
There is no tank nor project with this name, this name is the work of fantasy of Wargaming as it is the tank itself, there are no vehicles with such gun or shape. The closest thing to it is the Carro Celere Sahariano that was a light tank with a total weight of 16tons, the shape of the hull and the placement of the turret is very similar, but the Sahariano was a light, fast tank armed with a 47mm gun and it was meant to be similar to the latest models of the English Crusader tank.

-progetto CC55 Mod. 54: here again, there is no such named project nor vehicle but this is a mishmash of different Italian vehicles, as an example, the overall shape is the one of the Italian operated M47, but the gun is taken by the OTO Melara upgrade of the M47 that used a 105mm gun. There was also a project to create an autoloader called Centauro for the first Leopard. So this is a little more real but it would be much more of a medium tank and not a heavy tank, also, as I said, this vehicle never existed.

-Progetto C45 Mod. 71: the premium tank is pure work of fantasy, no tank with such spaced armor disposition was ever projected, the closest thing might be the OF-40 Mark.2 that had a project to get addon armor. But again, no projects nor real vehicles for this tank either.

-Progetto C50: this might be one of the most realistic one, again, there are no projects or vehicles with this name, but it is very very very similar to a prototype called the OF-40 Mk3 that was besically the hull of a OF-40 MK2 with a early Ariete turret on top. For the autoloader, at the time of the OF-40, Otomelara was at work with a project for a autoloader for the KPZ-70, but this autoloader would have never been fitted on the OF-40 Mk.3, so again, this might be a mishmash of vehicles by Wargaming.

-Rinoceronte: okay, so, the vehicle doesn’t exist, there is also nothing that ties it to any Italian vehicle, nor the gun, nor the turret, nor the hull, I really wonder where they took inspiration for this vehicle, the most similar vehicle that I could think of is the HSTV that was a prototype American vehicle, but Italy has nothing to do with this tank in real life. Instead the name Rinoceronte was actually used for a quite recente (early 2000) for a project to create a bulldozer-like vehicle with old Leopard 1 hulls.

What do you think?


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