Its so disheartening trying to play some of the original Tier 8 premiums.

Just took out my 4202, which i've not used forever.

It's so powercreeped now that it's not even worth playing. Got into a Tier 8 match and realised that the biggest problem is that 240 dmg from the gun at tier 8 is totally pointless.

I went up against a 50tp pr and I was hull down. He penned the strongest part of my turret (the upper plate) with great ease, but what made it worse is that, each shell he fired does 400 dmg on a standard roll.

Even look at other 'old' premiums, T26E4, M46 etc and the damage is pathetic. Even the big old faithful T34 still only does 400 damage.

Its a shame these old boys have been totally gimped by the current crop of premiums. They dont even feel like tier 8's anymore, more like tier 7.5

And when you get them into a Tier X game, you might as well just give up the idea of having a decent game.


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