Join the first Historical Training Rooms this next weekend (April 30 – May 2)

Hi everyone! Recently I floated around the idea of setting up historical battles in training rooms, and there seemed to be a lot of interest. So I'm tentatively starting a Discord server: where we can organize battles once a month, on the first weekend of the month.

Our first event will be this next weekend (April 30 to May 2), and the April 30 room will be centered on Operation Barbarossa. In order to keep tanks accurate we have to use sign-ups, so definitely join the Discord if you want an invite!

I am on the NA server but if EU guys want to join (or anyone else, for that matter), you can easily do so using Aslain's mod and the game client switcher (instructions on how to do that in the Discord).

I'm open to anyone hosting a training room; the host gets to decide what battle to do and what time to host it. May 1 and May 2 are still completely open if you have an idea you want to host!

If this works out, there will be no-HUD recordings posted on YouTube – and we'll definitely do some sort of D-Day reenactment next month.


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