Join the WoT adopt-a-tomato teaching server Discord Server!

Hi guys. yesterday I made a post about a discord server for WoT players specifically to teach eachother how to play. Sort-of adopt a tomato thread but more effective. It didnt really blow up but I did get some feedback, so I decided to make a server anyways. Lets see where it ends up.

The goal is for newbies and pro's to find eachother and help eachother get better in the game, but just playing for fun also is allowed ofcourse 😉 This would be done using discord roles etc.

I think the adopt-a-tomato thread lacks consistency since it's just one on one gameplay every now and then. In this server, you should be able to play whenever you want with whoever you want, independent of personal schedules. Experience different play styles with people with different expertises! The server is still in the starting phase so feedback and help to improve are welcome. Lets lower the bar for redditors with a passion to interact:DLink can be found in the comments as well. Please comment what you think of this idea


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