JPz E-100 is some of the most fun I’ve ever had in WoT.

Title says it all really…

Being able to ignore basically any armor you come across is just so amusing… while deleting upwards of 1,300 HP at the maximum roll. If you liked the alpha strike of the Shitbarn, but it lacked that consistence for you… This JPE is such a breath of fresh air. Hit so many shots with this tank. The gun handling is on point.

I mean who wouldn't want to shoot through the turret of a 705a.

Anyhow, being serious for once. I genuinely had fun with this vehicle, even in those shit loss of a game. You're almost guaranteed to do 2k damage if you position well enough. Heck, even more damage if you get teammates that survive long enough.. 5k damage losses yo.

Key point: Teammates.

You are not a sniper. .31 with fully kitted crew is great, but you're massive and have zero camo. You are the BEST support heavy in the game. No one can out trade you other then maybe 183 AP… HESH is not very reliable against you if you play right.

On top of all that you have armor to work with if all starts going to hell. I've blocked a good amount some times.

What do I mean by support heavy? You play frontline. But not too close. If needed you go be the first tank since you still have some good armor, but if there is someone better suited you let them brawl and wait for the enemy to over-extend and try to destroy your front line brawler… With that considered you do also make people scared shit less to push at times if you're spotted… But if you can get that ambush… Ooof.

The reason I don't consider it a sniper is that it's camo is terrible and RNG at longer ranges starts to really fuck with you. You do wana be pretty close to make this tank effective. However if the time comes your gun is not terrible for long range. It's an option in my eyes and not the main way to play.

Finally, while AP is not bad. You should be utilizing the best thing it has. 4 2 0 H E A T P E N… It's highest pen roll is 525 lmao! It's a small chance yes, but not impossible. My current loadout is mainly HEAT, with 3 AP and a handful of HE. (There is almost no armor outside of high angles that can block 420 HEATs.. Yes even E-100 UFP is no match)

Why HE? You still hit people as hard as the OLD Type 5 HE gun did before the nerf… 1400 alpha…


It's still in my eyes the best support heavy in the game. With a gun that's extremely consistent at least in my hands. While yes I will say long range sniping is not a BAD thing. It's just more consistent on doing damage when you play it more like a heavy. If you have teammates that can start taking hits, then you can bring the hurt on anyone. Even that T110E3 right through his mantlet.

Final note here: Do you guys think the JPz E-100's HEAT rounds are way too insane? Or balanced by the fact it's slow and lumbering and a lack of a turret. I mean, if it pens… which it will most of the time that's upwards of 1,300 HP gone in a flash. Especially if he plays in the right spot with teammates to be meat shields…


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