Just for the joy, the Story of a battle

I started in a battle today with my E25. It was an overpowered tank when I bought it, til Wargaming, not following usual contracts as every Mafia Company from Russia or Belarus does it, nerved it by changing the matchmaking.

So: you buy a product – and it's made worse than before after you paid for it.

(And by the way: They can write as much as they want in their contracts – it's not allowed to change products after selling it.)

There is a word for it: fraud.

No surprise, look for a pic of the wargaming CEO – and you see about 20 years of jail in one face.

What a fat, ugly, stupid fuckface.

Do even one of us believe that an unknown company can efford the millions of dollars for starting such a game without washing money for the mafia – coming from Belarus, that is no democracy and has no civil rights at all, being a fascist regime? From a company that switched to Cypris for paying no taxes at all? Is one so naive?

A company that hired game-hookers like "quickybaby", sometimes allowed to critizise some items but overall spreading that game via several online channels?

And then I enter a battle in that E25, making 8 kills (eight) – and the team lost it.

Not a noobteam, XVM said 61% winchance. But all others (their nicknames told it) from eastern europe, so: totally drunk from 12 a.m.

So I resume:

– Wargaming is of course a company washing mafia money

– Quickybaby is a paid liar (not so important, cause his former hook…. äh, wife from Belarus will leave him, when the hype is finally over and he will shot himself)

– there are so many not allowed mods like "demolition mod", "arty locator mod", "glitch shot mod" and of course working aimbots – but Wargaming is not interested in solving these frauds as long as these users are in their main market in eastern europe and buying gold very often.

– matchmaking is created for the purpose of players from eastern europe that spend more money in it, so I will be always be in the worse team.

So: Fuck you, mafia gangsters of Wargaming, fuck you, you blind customers of these assholes!

I will now delete this shitgame and you will never get any money or time from me.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/crc2dp/just_for_the_joy_the_story_of_a_battle/

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