Just looked at the new crew 2.0 video from WG: Will unique crews like Sabaton, Offspring etc. be the best and most valueable ?

From the new crew 2.0 video:

Normal Instructors give 1 small skill improvement and 10% exp bonus. They only take one of the 4 instructor slots for the nation so you get 40% exp bonus and 4 small skill improvements.

Special Instructors take 2 slots and give you 40% exp and 2 big bonuses to skills so you get 80% bonus and 4 big skills.

Unique Instructors take all 4 slots but give "great" bonus to 3 skills (looks bigger bonus than the special Instructors) and 100% bonus exp.

So next time they will be sold just fill your barracks with x10 times of the unique crew in the offer and you prepared for 2.0 I guess.

Edit: One little thing I saw on the 2nd time watching is that unique crews can't choose the skill they boost but are given a meta skill for the tank class you chosse.
This could mean sometimes it could be better to take special Instructors and give them the skill you want them to have.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/onhs6i/just_looked_at_the_new_crew_20_video_from_wg_will/

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