Just started an NA account, let me know if you want to platoon/recruit me for the free premium

Gonna actually begin playing tomorrow evening, created my account today and just got through the tutorials and a couple topography sections.

Just waiting on my 5G/Bluetooth adaptor for my new PC, otherwise I'll have to suffer with no headphones and bad 2.4Ghz ping. Luckily, should be arriving tomorrow with Amazon Prime.

Not new to the game, very experienced on WoT Blitz and WoT Console, and have been watching WoT PC for years. Excited to finally get my own account going.

Forgot to use an invite code when signing up, so sent in a ticket to WG right after account creation to see if they could tack it on for me, since my account is brand new.

That was 7 hours ago though, really just waiting on that response.

I'll be getting a premium or two in the next couple days, for credit grinding and crew training; crews are the thing I'm most worried about, and of course silver to fully equip my tanks.

Let me know if interested, and if you have any sort of advice for me. Not quite a reroll, but very far from noob territory.

Username is FeedYourHead, I currently have 0 matches so may not be able to find me.

Looking forward to the toxicity on the NA server lol

Thanks lads

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