Just started playing again, have a 20% off coupon, help me decide!

So hello, LONG time player here, took a few years hiatus because I didnt like the direction the game was going (and still not happy about it) but Ive been feeling the need to tank again after a few years of sailing the high seas in WoWS. I have absolutely no desire (nor does my schedule allow me to) participate in T10 clan battles. I rather like Frontline, however the last one that just passed I had a horrible time because well, my T8 tanks are trash. All I had were premiums (because I sold all tech tree T8s on the way to the T10s), so I was left with slow, heavy, and useless tanks like the T34, Lowe, IS6, AT15, the only tanks I enjoyed playing in frontlines were the STA-2, and the Batchat-12t.

Ive since bought the French M4 49 heavy tank and loving it so far, and I also rebought the T20 and finally unlocked the Pershing.

I just recently acquired a 20% off coupon and have a choice to make now. I've been out of the game so long I'm not even sure what premiums are worth it, so here goes…

M4A1 Rev -heard this got buffed and is really good now (I have a 2 skill crew from my AMX 30 for it)

T26E5 -I really like what I see from the stats of this Shmedium tank. I would use it in place of my T34 and eventually trade the T34 in next chance I get for something else. (I currently have a 3 skill crew to use)

T-54 First Proto -the original Soviet medium line was one of the first I went up to grab the T62 before all these nonsense objects came out, so I have a 2 skill crew for it.

FV4202 -Im liking the British medium line so far, maxed out my Centurion 7/1 and have a 2 skill crew for it. I heard it also got buffed a while back after it made its T10 departure to T8. I would prefer the Centurion 5/1 RAAC but who knows when thats coming back out (not within the 5 days my coupon expires)

Im also open to any other suggestions that I can use my coupon on.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/c84jyi/just_started_playing_again_have_a_20_off_coupon/

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