K-91-2, Strv K, Concept 1B are Possible Bond Tanks ? HYPOTHESIS.

These tanks have caught people eyes for various reasons, the changing of the mount on the k-91 to mid, the turret on the 1B or the K, but the most glaring thing i've seen is its tier typing.

The fact that many of these tanks seem to be balanced around tier x, and with the purposed changing of the bond shop tanks have made me believe that these just may be the new bond tanks. I base the theory on some observations and a few time lines.

Players for the past year have really enjoyed tier nine over tier eight tanks for their power level, stronger than most tier per tier.
i.e. AMX 30 vs tier ix, and AMX 30B vs tier X.
( Unfair, as the 30 is better than 30B everyday of the week anyways :p )
The problem is they just do not make credits like tier 8 premiums do.

 Expeditious dispatching from concept to announcement and possible implementation of the tank in this timeline, suggest that these may come after ranked is over ( which it is now) but before Frontline of  next season,  and this would match that of the bond tank update.

The tanks as they sit….all really unique, offers better credit earning potential (?) , tier x power level tier 9 mm, and they fill different roles.

If this happened, this would be very interesting , a tank you could save for that would allow you credit earning potential, a fun play stlye.

Thoughts ?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/fzlcg7/k912_strv_k_concept_1b_are_possible_bond_tanks/

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