Kranvagn: Strongest Techtree Heavy?

So, im a Maus player, i like big heavy tanks in general. I'm recently playing Tier X again beacause of the new Field Modifications. And i had no fun in doing so. Every match was a Kranvagn that somehow just peeked with his turret and blastet that 300 Heat somewhere on my tank (penetrating ofc). Nothing to do against it, nothing to counter it. It was alright with me since the Kranvagn has to be in that kind of position and in other positions he is weak. I went to to check some of his stats since i was encoutering him nearly every battle and i realized something. He has great dpm, an unpenetrable turret, great speed, not that bad dispersion, and a 1320 damage clip? Wtf? Meanwhile i drive my Maus with not so great turret armor, not so great dpm, no speed, and 490 damage. "But the Maus has better overall armor" thats true but there are rare cases where this is a real advantage. And why is it okay that this is (besides the massive 3k hp) the only real advantage the Maus has? I dont want Maus buffs i want other Tanks balanced and not be exploitable in such a way the Kranvagn can be. I just cant see the balancing behind making new Tanks so broken. Not op or too strong but too strong in one single thing. The new Czech Tanks are also a great example for that. "Oh you are a Tier 8 tank? Well, 460 Alpha damge. Times two." The Kranvagn has just so much more to offer than most of the other Techtree heavies. I would love your thoughts about the Kranvagn and the meta that we have right now. I would also like to see your thoughts in the poll.Have a great day!

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