Kunze Panzer opinion

I just got Kunze Panzer for 18 tokens from BP. My first battles were ok, I kinda got to the playstyle of it and got 1,6k avg dmg which is for me at the start of playing new vehicle with new feature. Then I started to play it more and in another rounds my dpg went to 2,4k dmg. I really enjoyed it. I feel like its actually perfect tank to add to the game: not OP, not underpowered, fun, interesting, new feature, tier IX and good nation with crew to train to Leopard 1 which is my fav T10 tank. I really enjoyed playing this tank, many players say its useless against Leo PT A but thats not the true. You have better DPM, and in the siege mode you have almost 2x better gun depression and also better concealment. But to have better time in it you need to be very good player because its really Hard to use this tank's maximum effectivness. Now I am almost on 1 MoE in like 50 battles played in 3 days and my dpg is now around 2,1k and 2,2k dmg. Sometimes the gun just doesnt want to hit and Sometimes I m hitting unbelievable shots, in the end, as owner of Kpz 50 t I can say Kpz is way more comfort to play beacuse of some armor and you dont need to think of the siege mods and use your effectivness whole time. But if you know what to do Kunze is just very interesting, fun and good vehicle. Whats your opinion on this vehicle?

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